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We offer playfully themed mobile kids bathroom units, easy-install kids sanitary products and 3D design of kids bathrooms.


We have been building themed children’s bathrooms since 1986

From idea to 3D. We have already delivered many projects with 3D Design of objects and spaces, in the broadest sense of the word.


We are specialized in decorating sanitary facility for children. Our Kids Sanitary products are often processed in a decoration project, but can also be ordered online for self-installation.

We also offer fully fitted, safe and playfully themed Mobile Kids Bathroom units.


Mobile Kids Bathroom

A mobile kids bathroom unit is constructed in a 6 x 3 meter container, is completely playfully themed on the inside and equipped with various kids sanitary products.

Each mobile bathroom unit has a water-resistant floor, lighting, heating, an electric boiler liter and a connection point for electricity, water drainage and water supply.

In terms of design, every mobile kids bathroom is unique, but the composition is the same for every rental unit. There are two sinks with a mirror at different heights, two showers, a toilet and a dressing table with a baby bath.

Kids Sanitary

The kids sanitary products are all kinds of safe and playfully themed products for children’s bathrooms. We offer washbasins, mirrors, showers, baby baths, toilets and much more children’s sanitary ware.

All our kids bathroom products are made from an extremely strong polyester. Every children’s sanitary product is decorated by hand and comes standard with all necessary materials and accessories.

Safe and fun for children

While designing our children’s sanitary products, we always pay careful attention to sharp edges or other forms of threats for end users.

View and order all our kids sanitary products at:

3D Design

With 3D design we can convert an existing bathroom or sanitary facility into a custom themed children’s bathroom.

Sketches can be made based on the input regarding the technical data, your wishes and the budget. If desired, we can incorporate our kids sanitary products into your design project.

As soon as the 3D creation on the sketches is satisfactory, a quotation with a building plan will follow.

If the instructions in the building plan have been carried out as preparation, then the installation is often quickly arranged by us.

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